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1 3/8" Axle
SKU: 09334x

This 1 3/8 axle measures a full 40" in length. It is designed to be used with the 1 3/8" bearing cassettes and 1 3/8" bearings.

Our price: $170.73
List price: $189.70 save 10%
5/8" Solid Steering Shafts
SKU: 094104

The 5/8" diameter solid steering shafts were typically used on all Margay karts built before 1994. They feature 2 position steering ackerman adjust-ability.

Our price: $59.95

5/8" Steering Bushing
SKU: 094240

These 5/8" Steering bushings are designed to be used with any size of the 5/8" tubular steering shafts. They are a rigid black plastic and are very lightweight.

Our price: $4.95
5/8" Steering Hub
SKU: 094182

This steering shaft is designed to be used with the 5/8" solid steering shafts on the older vintage style Margay chassis.

Our price: $9.39
AC Full Offset Pill (3/8" Kingpin)
SKU: 094591

Adjustable Caster pill, 3/8 kingpin, full offset-Utilize to change caster and camber on all AC compatible spindle hangers that feature a 3/4" mounting hole. Installing a single pill allows you to change caster or camber by up to 1.5 degrees. Installing a full offset pill in the top and bottom of the sppindle hanger allows you to change caster by up to 3 degrees.

Our price: $12.38
Brake pedal, Brava, tubular
SKU: 097242

Fabricated from 1/2" diameter 4130 Chromoly steel, our tubular brake pedal features a tig-welded three position tab that allows you to fine tune braking feel. Mount bushing is sized for 5/16" hardware and can be drilled to accept the 3/8" hardware that was utilized on earlier model Brava karts. Mounting hardware is not included.

Our price: $64.06
Brake Rod, 1/4-28
SKU: 09720X1
These brake / throttle rods are equipped with 1/4"-28 thread on each end.

Our price: $8.50

Brava 1.2 rear bumper complete
SKU: 095225
Brava 1.2 rear bumper complete

Our price: $79.00
Throttle cable clamp block
SKU: 097104

Throttle cable clamp block

Our price: $4.86
Throttle cable pull adaptor
SKU: 097106

Throttle cable pull adaptor

Our price: $4.28
Throttle cable, 1.2mm x 2000mm
SKU: 097120

For use on all Margay Brava or other Euro style karts.  Standard equipment on all Brava karts.  Small barrel on cable end fits OE Yamaha carb swivels.  This cable is not well suited for use on older (Pre-1997) Margay karts that use a control rod and cable pull adapter (which utilizes the 54" throttle cable).

Our price: $5.46
Throttle control rod, pre 1997 karts
SKU: 097310

Throttle control rod, pre 1997 karts,18 1/2 inches.

Our price: $11.95

Throttle rod guide bushing
SKU: 097108

Throttle rod guide bushing

Our price: $2.97
Throttle Rod Return Spring
SKU: 097107

Return spring for karts using a throttle control rod.

Our price: $2.70
Tubular Tie Rod & Assemblies
SKU: 0941XX1

Tubular tie rod, select length

Our price: $24.95

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