5/8" Steering Shafts



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5/8" Solid Steering Shafts
SKU: 094104

The 5/8" diameter solid steering shafts were typically used on all Margay karts built before 1994. They feature 2 position steering ackerman adjust-ability.

Our price: $59.95

5/8" Steering Bushing
SKU: 094240

These 5/8" Steering bushings are designed to be used with any size of the 5/8" tubular steering shafts. They are a rigid black plastic and are very lightweight.

Our price: $4.02
5/8" Steering Hub
SKU: 094182

This steering shaft is designed to be used with the 5/8" solid steering shafts on the older vintage style Margay chassis.

Our price: $9.39
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AN Bolt, 5/16-24 X 1 3/8 Drilled Shank
SKU: 031306
AN Bolt, 5/16-24 X 1 3/8 Drilled Shank
Tie rod end to spindle control arm

Our price: $3.09
AN Castle Nut, 5/16-24
SKU: 033340
AN Castle Nut, 5/16-24

Our price: $3.36
AN Locking Jetnut,3/8-24
SKU: 043350
Lightweight AN Locking Jetnut, 3/8-24

For use on steering shaft mounting stud

Our price: $3.40
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