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2015 Front Spoiler Mounting Bracket
SKU: 095800

All 2015 KG front bumpers will utilize this adjustable front bumper mounting system. It has three mounting locations allowing you to choose your bumper ride height for varying conditions. This is the standard mounting hardware for all KG FP7, Buru Duo Evo, Evo Stilo and MK14 bumpers.

Our price: $23.83
2024 Ignite Factory Decal Kit
SKU: 6499-505-Stilo-Red

Style out with our 2024 Ignite Factory Decal Kit. Choose from multiple colors!

Our price: $199.00

Brava Floor Pan (Limo and Ignite K3 Models)
SKU: 095139

This floor pan is used in all Brava Limo chassis. They are 27 5/8" long and 16 3/4" wide, in a flat black finish. This floor pan will fit Brava 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11 racing chassis.

Our price: $89.00
CIK Spoiler Spring Hook Latches-Pair
SKU: 096112

Sold by the pair, these latches are used to clamp the upper and lower spoiler support tubes (upper and lower front bumper) to the spoiler mounting blocks. These are original KG equipment.

Our price: $46.15
Floor Pan Grommet
SKU: 065114

Having some vibrations problems with your floor pan? These rubber floor pan grommets will help provide a level of separation between your floor pan tabs and you floor pan, allowing for a quiet and smooth ride.

Our price: $0.77
Floor Pan Tab
SKU: 23-1M

Break some floor pan tabs on your kart, or just want some extra support? Then these floor pan tabs are exactly what you need. These tabs are the same ones we use on all of our karts, and are ready to be welded on yours.

Our price: $1.74
FP-7 Front Panel
SKU: 095826

This FP-7 front panel is CIK/17 homologated and is brand new for the 2013 season. It is much wider than previous KG panels and creates a much broader stance than any of the past panels.

Our price: $39.00
List price: $48.95 save 20%

FP-7 Front Panel Clips
SKU: 091115

These new pins/clips are designed to use with the CIK/17 FP-7 front panels. They are inserted into the drilled hole allocated on the front panel mounting pins.

Our price: $0.31
List price: $0.35 save 11%
FP-7 Front Spoiler
SKU: 095818

This FP-7 front spoiler is CIK/17 homologated and is brand new for the 2013 season. Dragging the nose on your current kart? No problem! The FP-7 front spoiler has three adjustable height positions to help get your bumper positioned where you want it.

Our price: $115.50

Front Spoiler, upper bumper CIK/08
SKU: 95191
Front spoiler, upper bumper

Our price: $31.74
List price: $32.15 save 1%
Front Torsion Blade (Aluminum)
SKU: 093130

This torsion blade is made for the new style Margay racing chassis and provide a great level of grip options to the front end of the kart. It can be set in a soft or hard position to help dial in the front end handling of the kart. They are manufactured from billet aluminium.

This torsion bar fits all post-2000 Brava karts and all Ignite K3 karts.

Our price: $39.00
Margay Floor Pan Mounting Hardware
SKU: 095150

Missing a few bolts out of you Margay floor pan? Well this hardware kit comes with everything you need to get your floor pan mounted up like it came from the factory. This hardware set fits on all Margay chassis.

Our price: $11.95
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