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19" LO206 Header Sleeve
SKU: 300954

Eliminate the time and energy spent on wrapping a header, buy this sleeve and have your header safe and legal in 3 seconds.  Pre cut to 19" to fit the LO206 spec RLV 5507 header, getting your header wrap up to spec has never been easier.

Our price: $16.95
Exhaust Silencer Clamp
SKU: 29476

Keep your Briggs LO206 #5107 header and #4104 silencer securely fastened with this stainless steel silencer clamp.

Our price: $6.95
LO206 Copper Header Gasket
SKU: 2949

Briggs LO206 rules state that you have to run am exhaust gasket, so why not get the most durable one around?  This copper head gasket will withstand the vibration and keep you on the track longer.

Our price: $6.81
LO206 Header (RLV #5507)
SKU: 2948

This header is the spec header called out in the Briggs Racing LO206 rules package - the RLV 5507.  Free from welded on brackets for 2015, this header comes with an upper and lower mounting kit and hose clamps needed to fix directly to the engine.

Our price: $54.00
LO206 Header Mounting Hardware
SKU: 29495

This kit comes with all the bolts required to fasten your header to top of the cylinder head.  Kit includes: 2 - M6 x 1 header bolts, 2 locking washers, two standard washers and safety wire to tie it all together.

Our price: $6.95
RLV 4104 Exhaust Header Silencer
SKU: 2947

This RLV 4104 silencer is the spec silencer used on all Briggs LO206 engine packages.  Keep the noise muffled and the engine legal.

Our price: $52.60
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