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25mm Axles & Components



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25mm Hollow Kid Kart Axle
SKU: 093952
25mm x 970mm 'soft' hollow rear kid kart axle.

Our price: $189.00
25mm Solid Kid Kart Axle
SKU: 093950

This 25mm axle is designed to be used in the kid kart chassis, and is 25mm x 1000mm.

Our price: $106.49
List price: $125.28 save 15%
25mm Axle Bearing
SKU: 093900

These 25mm axle bearing provide a tight fit and a smooth roll with as little tension as possible. They come with the two set screws to help keep the axle from spinning.

Our price: $39.00
25mm Rear Hub
SKU: 093922

In the kid kart class, there are not many handling changes you can make to the chassis. These rear hubs let you have a say in your rear end grip levels. They come in four different lengths: small, medium, long, and extra long.

Our price: $58.68

M8 Wheel Hub Stud
SKU: 031635

M8 x 1.25 wheel hub stud for 30mm, 40mm and 50mm wheel hubs

Our price: $4.27
25mm Axle Key
SKU: 093583

Keep your components in place and spinning when they are supposed to with these axle keys for the 25mm Kid Kart Axles.

Our price: $4.32
List price: $4.55 save 5%

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