Axle Components



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40mm / 50mm Axle Keys
SKU: 093580

Keep your components in place and spinning when they are supposed to with these axle keys for the 40mm and 50mm Righetti Axles.

Our price: $9.97

40mm / 50mm Split Bearing Cassette
SKU: 093504

These split bearing cassettes are for the use of 40mm or 50mm axle bearings in the older 3 bolt cassette mounting chassis. They are split at the top to provide adjustable tension on the bearing itself.

Our price: $45.29
40mm 4 Bolt Brake Hub
SKU: 7116

This lightweight brake hub is designed to be used with a 40mm rear axle and a 4 bolt brake rotor. It comes in a brilliant polished finish.

Our price: $49.95
40mm Axle
SKU: 093556

Our stock, 40mm x 1040mm with a 3mm wall thickness axles are offered in soft and medium, and a 4mm wall stiff variation to allow you to fine tune your karts handling to different track conditions

NEW FOR 2016: All 40mm axles will use a 3-peg axle key for sprocket, brake and wheel hubs. Purchase 3-peg axle key HERE

Our price: $159.00

40mm Axle Bearing
SKU: 093500

These 40mm axle bearing provide a tight fit and a smooth roll with as little tension as possible. They come with the two set screws to help keep the axle from spinning.

Our price: $32.95
40mm Split Lock Collar
SKU: 093509

Split piece aluminum locking collars - made to hold your axle, wheel hubs, sprocket and brake hubs in place!

Our price: $14.95
40mm Sprocket Hub
SKU: 093513

This 40mm billet aluminum sprocket hub is ultra-lightweight, made in the USA and includes long hardware for use with sprocket guards. Black anodized finish.

Our price: $75.28
40mm Wheel Hub (Euro mount)
SKU: 093570

This 40mm wheel hub is manufactured from billet aluminum and is layed out in a 3.58 'Euro' mount pattern. It features a pilot lip on the end of the hub that is removable if you need to go narrower on the axle. 65mm in length.

Our price: $64.95
M10 Bearing Cassette Bolt (for 3 bolt cassette)
SKU: 041235

Bearing cassette mount bolts are a M10 x 1.5, pan head bolt. No conical or flat washers are needed. Comes in a bright blue zinc finish.

Our price: $3.82
M8 Wheel Hub Stud
SKU: 031635

M8 x 1.25 wheel hub stud for 30mm, 40mm and 50mm wheel hubs

Our price: $4.27
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