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Filter Ape 2 (23mm)
SKU: 099435

The Ape 2 from KG Bodywork's is an airbox designed for TAG and KF applications. It has 23mm induction holes and runs an air filer. For more information on legality rules and regulations, please check with your series technical manual.

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KG Cobra Air Box
SKU: 099430
New KG Cobra Air Box K23 1 W/Filter 23mm intake for 100cc ICA, JICA and TAG 125cc Engines. CIK and WKA approved.

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KG Nitro Air Box 23mm
SKU: 099436

The Nitro is the latest in airbox development from Italy's KG Karting. This design has been proven to maximize performance at any RPM level. This airbox is sized with a 23mm inlet (7/SA/24) for newer TaG motors. 

Our price: $166.73