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50mm Axles & Components



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50mm Axle
SKU: 093749

Our stock, 50mm x 1040mm with a 2mm wall thickness axles are offered in soft, medium, and stiff variations to allow you to fine tune your karts handling to different track conditions.

Our price: $169.00

40mm / 50mm Bearing Cassette (Brava 1.11 & Later)
SKU: 093506

These bearing cassettes can only be used with the 2011 Brava 1.11 and 1.11ck or later models with either a 40mm or 50mm bearing. They utilize a 6-bolt mounting system to provide an extra level of adjust-ability to the chassis.

Our price: $99.00
40mm / 50mm Adjustable Bearing Cassette
SKU: 093508

These bearing cassettes offer adjustable ride heights for dialing in your chassis cross weight to the exact settings you are looking for. They work with both 40mm and 50mm axles with 3 bolt cassette mounting.

Our price: $124.95
40mm / 50mm Split Bearing Cassette
SKU: 093504

These split bearing cassettes are for the use of 40mm or 50mm axle bearings in the older 3 bolt cassette mounting chassis. They are split at the top to provide adjustable tension on the bearing itself.

Our price: $45.29
50mm Axle Bearing
SKU: 093700

These 50mm axle bearing provide a tight fit and a smooth roll with as little tension as possible. They come with the set screws to help keep the axle from spinning inside the bearing while on the ground.

Our price: $36.00
List price: $45.97 save 22%
40/50mm Bearing Cassette Hanger
SKU: 594407

This bearing hanger is designed for use on 1.125" or 28mm diameter tubing and for the 40/50mm 3-bolt bearing cassette. It can also be used with the 40/50mm adjustable bearing cassette. This is the standard hanger on the 2002-2010 Brava karts, and the 2011+ Brava 4.2c and Ignite K3.

These are sold individually.

These will need to be welded to the frame.

Our price: $28.80
40mm / 50mm Axle Keys
SKU: 093580

Keep your components in place and spinning when they are supposed to with these axle keys for the 40mm and 50mm Righetti Axles.

Our price: $9.97

50mm Magnesium Wheel Hub
SKU: 093730

Save weight and earn style points with these magnesium rear wheel hubs designed for use on the 50mm rear axles. Hubs come in two different sizes: 75mm and 95mm for extra tuning options.

Our price: $75.35

50mm Wheel Hubs
SKU: 093732

Having the right size wheel hub on your kart is key when dialing in your chassis. With three distinct sizes, these beefy wheel hubs look great, and make sure that you are getting every tenth of speed you can.

Our price: $74.52

M8 Wheel Hub Stud
SKU: 031635

M8 x 1.25 wheel hub stud for 30mm, 40mm and 50mm wheel hubs

Our price: $4.27
50mm Magnesium Sprocket Hub
SKU: 0937165

This 50mm magnesium sprocket hub is truly a top of the line piece. Manufactured from magnesium, it is a light-weight hub that can help you shed some rear axle weight, and look really slick in the process.

Our price: $74.95
50mm WildKart Sprocket Hub
SKU: 093713

This sprocket hub made by WildKart is designed for a 50mm axle and 6-hole sprocket configuration. Built durable with a polished black finish. 

Our price: $62.96
List price: $69.95 save 10%
50mm WildKart Brake Hub
SKU: 093717

This brake hub made by WildKart is designed for a 50mm axle and 6-bolt roter configuration. 

Our price: $82.93
50mm Magnesium Brake Hub
SKU: 0937185

This brake hub is designed to be used with a 50mm rear axle and a 6 bolt brake rotor. This magnesium hub is lightweight and comes in a matte gold finish.

Our price: $99.95
M10 Bearing Cassette Bolt (for 3 bolt cassette)
SKU: 041235

Bearing cassette mount bolts are a M10 x 1.5, pan head bolt. No conical or flat washers are needed. Comes in a bright blue zinc finish.

Our price: $3.82
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