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(NEW) 2021 Margay Racing Team Suit
SKU: 099734
The new Margay Racing team suit is manufactured by MIR Raceline. This 'Level 2' homologated suit offers a lightweight lining that helps produce a comfortable fit, and a ventilated interior. There are mesh ventilation opening to help ensure that the driver stays cool and collected. Support the new Margay logo and brands with this new MIR suit today!

Featuring the new Hoosier Kartsport logo on the chest and pant leg!

Our price: $395.00

Racewear Premium Karting Jacket
SKU: 33520-S

Kart Racewear Jackets incorporate performance features and abrasion resistant construction and are a excellent alternative for those not wanting a full suit.

Our price: $63.90

Zamp FS-8 Helmet
SKU: 34444

The new Zamp FS-8 is leaded with features, including: composite fiberglass lightweight shell for superior performance, air-flow vents, adjustable chin and scalp vents with rear exhausts, plush removable/washable moisture absorbent interior, interchangeable liner for custom fit, Z-19 series shield with lock button in closed position and Snell M2015 and DOT approved.

Our price: $139.95

EVS R4 Black Race Collar
SKU: 33902

Minimizes risk of axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion Easy front entry system Provides amazing range of motion of head Soft rubberized edges for increased comfort Fully adjustable sizing Works with many EVS roost protectors Very comfortable and lightweight

Our price: $129.75

EVS R4 Koroyd
SKU: 33905

The R4K is a completely new race collar for 2016. It features a revolutionary Koroyd™ core with superior impact absorption and a reinforced nylon upper shell. The chassis has been completely redesigned to be lighter and more aerodynamic. In an impact, the head is pushed down on the race collar. The R4K effectively fills the gap between your helmet and shoulder with Koroyd, which absorbs impact energy better than standard race collar materials.

Our price: $189.63

EVS R2 Adult Race Collar
SKU: 33931
Connection loops allow direct connection to chest protectors
Low profile design
Removable / washable liner
Easy front entry system
The ultimate in race collar technology that provides even greater protection against common neck & collarbone injuries.
Protects against axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension & lateral hyperflexion
Easily connects directly to most chest protectorsEasy front entry system
Removable / washable liner

Our price: $45.84
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