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62 Series Wheel Half
SKU: 62-5-25

Now available and in new condition,  2.5” wide wheel half.

Our price: $11.95
62 Series Wheel O-Ring
SKU: 62-12
This O-ring is used to seal the 62 Series wheel halves for tubeless use.

Our price: $2.95
62 Series Wheel Tubeless Kit
SKU: 62-121

Includes (1) O-ring for sealing 62 Series wheel halves and (1) TR412 valve stem. 

Our price: $4.95
Fuel tank, petcock valve, double
SKU: 52161

OEM petcock valve for the Margay 52160 tank, dual outlet

Our price: $37.95
Vintage 7 qt Fuel Tank Mount Kit
SKU: 52167

Mount kit for vintage floor mount fuel tank, part #52160.

Our price: $9.95
Vinyl cap for petcock valve
SKU: 52162
Vinyl cap for petcock valve.

Our price: $0.24
Vintage Nassau Panel
SKU: 24-231-66

Vintage Nassau Panel

Our price: $75.00
Quantity Out of stock
Base Plate Clamp
SKU: 421-18
NOS, original engine mount clamp used on all Margay karts from the mid-1970’s through the early 1990’s.
For use on all karts with ‘American’ (narrow) engine mount spacing. Zinc plated

Our price: $4.95
Floor Pan Wing
SKU: 095112

These floor pan wings are made for the older style floor pans, and are great for keeping air flow travel underneath the chassis. Just pop rivet them to the floor pan, and you are ready to go!

Our price: $10.30
24 Series wheel bolt kit
SKU: 24-23-BK
Bolt kit for 24 series wheel assemblies

Our price: $5.95
5/16 - 24 U-Bolt with Clamp Plate
SKU: 23-51K

5/16-24 U-Ring w/ Clamp Plate

Holes drilled for locking fasteners. 

1 7/16 Inch gap from end to end of holes 

Our price: $6.25
Shock Absorber Bushing
SKU: 065118

Shock absorber bushing

Our price: $5.95
Stamped Tubing Clamp & Retainer Set, Vintage
SKU: 501671
These clamps were used in a variety of applications on a wide range of early Margay karts. Clamps intended for use on 1” or 1 1/8” tube with 1/8” thick neoprene rubber insert (not included).

Our price: $6.50

Vintage Valve Stem Caps (set of 4)
SKU: 24-23-VC

Vintage Valve Stem Cap

Our price: $4.00
Safari Gear Box Gear Set
SKU: 24-1GS6.2/31
Safari Gear Box Gear Set

Our price: $30.00

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