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Tubular Tie Rod & Assemblies
SKU: 0941XX1

Tubular tie rod, select length

Our price: $18.65

(NEW) 2019 Margay Racing Team Suit
SKU: 099732
The new Margay Racing team suit is manufactured by MIR Race Ware. This 'Level 2' homologated suit offers a lightweight lining that helps produce a comfortable fit, and a ventilated interior. There are mesh ventilation opening to help ensure that the driver stays cool and collected. Support the new Margay logo and brands with this new MIR suit today!

Featuring the new Hoosier Kartsport logo on the chest and pant leg!

Our price: $395.00

1 3/4" Bearing Cassette
SKU: 093605

These 1 3/4" bearing cassettes are designed to be used with any modern Margay 3 bolt bearing hanger and 1 3/4" bearings only.

Our price: $58.64
List price: $68.99 save 15%
24 Series wheel bolt kit
SKU: 24-23-BK
Bolt kit for 24 series wheel assemblies

Our price: $5.95
25mm Brava Billet Spindle Kit
SKU: 94025

The Margay Racing Brava 25mm spindle are key when running high horsepower karting packages. They allow more adjust-ability as well as more overall front end grip. These spindles help prevent under steer, and help get you into the winners circle.

Our price: $479.70
AC Standard Pill (3/8" Kingpin)
SKU: 094590

Adjustable caster / camber pill that allows the spindle to sit at its factory settings. These pills are centered, and can only be used with a 3/8" kingpin bolt.

Our price: $7.99
Billet Steering Block / Fairing Mount / Steering Lock
SKU: 094290

Margay Racing's new billet aluminium steering block fairing mount combines cutting edge technology with lightweight performance. This steering block is available for American manufactures (3/4") and European manufactures (20mm).

Our price: $199.00

Brava Floor Pan
SKU: 095140

This floor pan is used in all standard Brava, non-limo, chassis. They are 26" long and 16 3/4" wide, in a flat black finish. This floor pan will fit Brava 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11 racing chassis.

Our price: $79.00
Brava rear bumper assembly
SKU: 095239
Brava rear bumper assembly

Our price: $116.78
Fuel tank, KG 8.5 liter quick release
SKU: 52142
KG 8.5 liter fuel tank that features a quick release, and air flow connection for consistent suction.

Our price: $65.92
Margay Team Flat Top Steering Wheel
SKU: 094235

This KG Bodyworks steering wheel is a customized flat top wheel with a Margay Racing logo embroidered on the top. It has red suede on the top of the wheel, black suede on the bottom, and extra sections in the middle designed to give your hands move overall grip. This wheel has a 13" diameter and is designed for adult karts.

Our price: $129.95
MCP Braided Line Set (Brava)
SKU: 7196

This MCP braided line set is designed to be used with most modern Margay chassis models (excluding cadet/widlcat applications). It requires the use of NPT fittings both on the master cylinder and the caliper. It measures approximately 27" in length.

Our price: $60.76
List price: $75.95 save 20%
Shock Absorber Bushing
SKU: 065118

Shock absorber bushing

Our price: $5.95
Team Margay Beanie
SKU: 099059
A "one size fits all" Team Margay Beanie

Our price: $15.00
Throttle pedal, Brava, tubular
SKU: 097342

Fabricated from 1/2" diameter 4130 Chromoly steel, our tubular throttle pedal is tig-welded and is finished with nickel plating. Mount bushing is sized for 5/16" hardware and can be drilled to accept the 3/8" hardware that was utilized on earlier model Brava karts. Mounting hardware is not included.

Our price: $57.38
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