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Buru Side Pods
SKU: 095966

KG Bodywork's Duo Evo Side Pods. These side pods are a perfect fit for the KG Buru front spoiler. They require Duo Evo nerf bars for mounting. The Duo Evo side pods are a universal fit to either side of the kart.

Our price: $39.00
List price: $53.95 save 28%

Buru Front Panel
SKU: 095981

KG Bodywork's front panel for the Buru front spoiler. This CIK/14 front panel is sleek and rigid for easy mounting and maximum aerodynamics.

Our price: $29.00
List price: $48.95 save 41%

506 / Duo Evo Nerf Bars
SKU: 095339

The KG Bodywork's Duo Evo style nerf bars are designed to work with 506 or Buru / Duo Evo style side pods.

Our price: $62.65

2015 Front Spoiler Mounting Bracket
SKU: 095800

All 2015 KG front bumpers will utilize this adjustable front bumper mounting system. It has three mounting locations allowing you to choose your bumper ride height for varying conditions. This is the standard mounting hardware for all KG FP7, Buru Duo Evo, Evo Stilo and MK14 bumpers.

Our price: $23.83
Nerf Bar Mount Tube Kit
SKU: 59304

This 4 piece nerf bar mount kit is for karts with angled nerf bar mounts, that want to mount newer CIK style bodywork and nerf bars. Once welded onto the frame, this kit allows any older chassis to be revamped with a new look!. The kit comes with the tube mounts, and nerf bar mounting hardware.

Our price: $37.80
Nerf Bar Mount Kit
SKU: 095271

This kit comes with everything you need to bolt a set of nerf bars on to your newer style kart. The contents include 4 bolts, 4 lock nuts, and 8 washers. With a kit this cheap, it wouldn't hurt to have a couple spares.

Our price: $5.27
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