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Hilliard Flame



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Hilliard Flame Needle Bearing and Sprocket Upgrade Kit
SKU: 305148-15t
We've put together a package to upgrade your Hilliard Flame to the latest needle bearing configuration.

Our price: $54.95

Hilliard Flame Tuning Kit
SKU: 305149
We've put together the perfect kit to get your Hilliard Flame clutch dialed in!

Our price: $64.95
Hilliard Flame Racing Clutch (Briggs)
SKU: 304317

The Hillard flame clutch is among the most durable and precise shoe style clutches on the market.  A bullet proof design combined with several different tuning options makes this clutch a winner.  Easy installation and changing make for fast adjustments when you need it the most.

Our price: $123.17

Needle Bearing and Race Assembly
SKU: 305125

Needle bearing and race assembly for the new 2016 Hilliard Flame Clutch. 

Our price: $12.95
Inferno Grease Trap
SKU: 305127

Grease trap for the new 2016 Hilliard Flame Clutch.

Our price: $6.80
Inferno Clutch Cover
SKU: 305126

Clutch Cover for the Hilliard Flame

Our price: $4.80
Hilliard Flame Clutch Drum
SKU: 305100

This is the OEM clutch drum from Hilliard used in the Fury, Flame and Blaze clutches.  Keep your clutch fresh from season to season by replacing the clutch drum.

Our price: $30.00
Hilliard 3/4" Hub with Guard
SKU: 305110

The Hillard 3/4" is where where the clutch assembly all starts.  If you are hearing any chattering or clinging, it may be time to replace the hub/guard.

Our price: $18.40
Hilliard Bowed Snap Ring (Hub/Guard)
SKU: 305112

This snap ring is used to connect the clutch hub and guard for the Hilliard Blaze, Flame and Fire clutches.  This is not for use to connect the sprocket to the drum.  Each snap ring is bowed, so once used and removed, it is recommended to install a new snap ring.

Our price: $1.40
Hilliard Flame Drive Sprocket
SKU: 305317

This Hilliard flame drive sprocket is durable and easy to install in seconds.  It comes in a #35 chain pitch, in a variety of tooth sizes.

Our price: $36.05

Hilliard Bowed Snap Ring (Sprocket)
SKU: 305130

The Hilliard bowed snap ring is designed to securely snap in your front drive sprocket.  Each snap ring should only be used once, and if you have to remove the clutch sprocket, it is recommended you use a new snap ring.

Our price: $2.00
Hilliard 3/4" Bushing
SKU: 305120

The Hilliard 3/4" bushing is used to pilot the drum and sprocket on the crank.  It has a key molded in to make installation even easier.

Our price: $10.82
Hilliard Tunable Clutch Shoe
SKU: 305150

Often as a clutch wears, it begins to grab unevenly and engage inconsistently.  Installing new shoes goes a long way to ensure that you engine is still engaging in the power band and getting you off the corner properly.  The shoes also offer two holes for tuning weights, to even further dial in your desired engagement.  

Our price: $9.95
Note: you must order at least 4 items
Hilliard Adjustable Clutch Springs
SKU: 305199

Hilliard's adjustable clutch springs allow you to regulate the engagement of your fury, flame or blaze clutches.  By simply selecting a color and installing around the shoes, you can modulate the engagement in fine increments.  Combine and overlap different colors to get the precise engagement you are looking for.

Our price: $3.75

Note: you must order at least 4 items
Hilliard Tuning Shoe Weights
SKU: 305170

Need a little extra engagement on the clutch but can't get there with the springs?  Using these adjustable weights in the clutch shoes can help get your clutch dialed in finer increment.

Our price: $4.16

Note: you must order at least 4 items
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