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MCP Caliper Spacer, Single Line Caliper, w/-O Rings
SKU: 71352

MCP Caliper Spacer, for single line caliper conversion from solid rotor to vented rotor. 

Our price: $33.00
MCP Complete Cast Brake System
SKU: 7131

This complete braking system features the MCP Cast brake caliper and master cylinder. Looking to upgrade your stopping power or replace older parts? This kit gives you everything you need to do it.


Brake Kit Ships Pre-Bled 

Our price: $439.00
MCP Cast Caliper Assembly
SKU: 7135

This cast brake caliper from Martin Custom Products is used on most 4 cycle applications in modern Margay karts. This caliper assembly comes with everything you need to stop on a dime in no time.

Our price: $189.00
MCP Cast Caliper Brake Pads
SKU: 71360

These metallic brake pads are designed to be used with the MCP Cast Caliper system. They are easy to install and should help shed some tenths under braking.

Our price: $40.71
MCP Cast Caliper Rebuild Kit
SKU: 71359

This caliper rebuild kit is designed to rebuild the MCP Cast brake caliper system. It comes with two pistons, and 2 piston o-rings, and should help restore some stopping power in your old caliper.

Our price: $23.99
MCP Brake Caliper Shims
SKU: 71354

Brake caliper shims can help you dial in how quickly your brake pads grab the brake rotor. These shims come in two different sizes, a 1/32" and a 1/16" allowing for easy changes with precise comfort.

Our price: $2.95

MCP Cast Pad Adjuster Assembly
SKU: 7187

This 5/16 x 18 brake pad adjuster assembly is designed to be used with the MCP Cast caliper system. It allows you to help dial in the throw of you brake pedal by allowing the pads to grab quicker or slower than their current setting.

Our price: $11.95
MCP Caliper Bleed Screw
SKU: 71358

These MCP Caliper Bleed Screw are the fast, easy alternative to getting your brakes bled. These screws work with the MCP Billet, Cast, and MiniLite braking systems.

Our price: $2.52
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