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V4 Accessory Kit
SKU: 2606

The V4 Accessory Kit is an add on for the V4 System. It gives the ability to measure Compound Caster, Compound King Pin Inclination and simplifies the measuring of chassis twist and squareness.

Our price: $499.00
Quantity Out of stock
Sniper CCA Base Plate Set Screw
SKU: 2612

Sniper, camber, adjuster, caster, racing, kart, set screw, M5x8

Our price: $0.50
Note: you must order at least 4 items
Sniper CCA Base Plate Hold Down Screw
SKU: 2611

Flat Head Cap Screw

  • M4 x 10
  • 2 screws needed per base plate
  • Designed to be flush when assembled
  • Zinc plated steel
  • Sold in packs of 4

Our price: $0.28
Note: you must order at least 4 items
Sniper CCA Spherical Insert
SKU: 2632

 Zinc Plated Steel Bushing

  • Used in camber / caster adjuster kit
  • Available in 8mm , 10mm, and 3/8"
  • Sold in packs of 2

Our price: $5.40

Note: you must order at least 2 items
Sniper Caster/Camber Adjuster Top Plate
SKU: 2614
Top plate for Sniper Caster/Camber Adjuster

Our price: $10.20
Sniper Caster/Camber Adjuster Base Plate
SKU: 2613
Base plate for Sniper Caster/Camber adjuster

Our price: $19.94
Sniper Red Battery Cap
SKU: 2644

Replacement battery cap for the Sniper V2 alignment system.

Our price: $4.79
Sniper 250mm Steel ruler
SKU: 2647

Original Equipment 250mm steel ruler as supplied with Sniper V2 laser aligners.

Our price: $8.95
Sniper Replacement Magnet
SKU: 2646
Replacement magnet for the Sniper V2 alignment system.

Our price: $17.14
Quantity Out of stock
Evergreen 3V Lithium Battery
SKU: 2641
The Evergreen CR1/3N is a 3 Volt Lithium Non-rechargeable Battery.
Provides relaible power and has shelf life of up to 10 years

Our price: $4.95
Sniper SA Inox Sprocket Laser Alignment Tool
SKU: 2602

The new SA Inox Sprocket alignment tool from Sniper Precision Technologies is a 'must have' tool for every serious karter. Prevent horespower-sapping drag from misaligned sprockets and decrease sprocket wear by precisely aligning your sprockets with the Sniper SA Inox. Works with both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine applications. In the box: • Sniper SA Inox Laser Sprocket Alignment Tool • Instructions

Our price: $85.00
Sniper V2 Inox Laser Alignment System
SKU: 2600

The V2 Inox is a 2 laser system which lets you quickly and easily set camber and toe on you kart. It gives the ability to measure static (kart on the stand) and dynamic (kart on the ground or scales with driver in place) so you know exactly how the kart responds. This system is suited for all kart racers, ideal to be used at the track between races to alter setup or to check alignment.

For Sniper warranty information CLICK HERE 

Our price: $319.00
Sniper SA1 Linear Caster/Camber Adjuster
SKU: 2608

Snipers' new SA1 Linear Caster/Camber Adjuster is the perfect compliment to the V2 & V4 Laser Alignment Systems. The SA1 enables adjustment of camber & caster independently to fine tune your steering geometry when utilizing the V2 or V4 Laser Alignment Systems.

Our price: $58.00

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