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Rear Bumper Mounting Kit (RLV)
SKU: 096202

The rear spoiler mounting kit from RLV is an affordable way to mount a your full width rear plastic bumper. With slotted mounting rails, it is adjustable to several different height positions allowing you that much more tune-ability from your kart.

Our price: $68.31
TAG Chain Guard Kit (KG)
SKU: 31064
This KG Bodywork's fully enclosed chain guard is designed to be used with most TAG, KF, and Rotax applications. It comes complete with the plastic guard and mounting hardware needed to complete installation.

Our price: $71.10
List price: $79.00 save 10%
Angled Tube Rear Spoiler Mount Kit
SKU: 0962021

This rear spoiler mount kit is the easiest kit to instal on the market. Manufactured here at Margay, this kit mounts in the angled tube mounts found in most Margay racing chassis since around the year 2000 (Brava 1.2 and later). This kit will also work with the Tris cadet rear spoiler by KG Bodyworks. This kit is hassle free and manufactured to last.

Our price: $89.95
Rear Bumper Mounting Kit (Cadet)
SKU: 096201
The KG Bodywork's CIK/05 rear bumper mounting kit is designed to work with the KG CIK/05 cadet kart rear bumper. It comes with all the hardware shown, with pre-drilled slotted holes for easy installation.

Our price: $120.95
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