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Front Spoiler, upper bumper CIK/08
SKU: 95191
Front spoiler, upper bumper

Our price: $28.94
List price: $32.15 save 10%
KG RS3 Adjustable width rear bumper
SKU: 096348

Adjustable width rear bumper from KG Karting Adjusts in width from 47" to 55" (1200mm to 1400mm) allowing you to narrow the rear bumper as need to prevent rear wheel overhang. Works with your existing KG full width rear bumper mounting hardware.

Our price: $164.95

KG Tris Adjustable Rear Spoiler (Cadet)
SKU: 096338

The 'Tris' from KG Bodywork is a revolutionary new rear spoiler for Cadet sized go-karts. It is an adjustable bumper that can fit to a variety of widths. External widths range from a minimum width of 39.5" to a maximum width of 46"

Our price: $164.95

Margay Team Flat Top Steering Wheel (Cadet)
SKU: 094228

This KG Bodyworks steering wheel is a customized flat top wheel with a Margay Racing logo embroidered on the top. It has red suede on the top of the wheel, black suede on the bottom, and extra sections in the middle designed to give your hands move overall grip. This wheel has a 10" diameter and is designed for rookie/cadet karts.

Our price: $129.95
MK14 Cadet/Rookie Bodywork Kit (Plastics Only, No Nerf Bars)
SKU: 09635xK1

The KG Bodywork's MK14 is the latest in bodywork design from KG. It provides a sleek and aggressive look while maintaining the aerodynamic and solid functionality a driver needs. In this kit, you get a MK14 front spoiler, front panel, and side pods in the color of your choice.

Our price: $166.46
List price: $212.69 save 22%

MK14 Cadet/Rookie Front Panel
SKU: 09637x1

The KG Bodywork's MK14 front panel is designed to provide an aggressive, yet functionally aerodynamic result to any cadet or rookie kart. This is the latest in KG Bodywork design and is well worth the upgrade.

Our price: $30.77
List price: $55.60 save 45%

MK14 Cadet/Rookie Front Spoiler
SKU: 096368

KG Bodywork's latest line of bodywork for the cadet and rookie chassis. The aggressive design provides a very full look to the front end while maintaining a solid build to ensure minimal dents and bending.

Our price: $109.95

MK14 Cadet/Rookie Nerf Bar
SKU: 0953281

The KG Bodywork's MK14 side pod nerf bars are designed to be used with the MK14 side pods.

Our price: $62.65

MK14 Cadet/Rookie Side Pod
SKU: 096356R

KG Bodywork's latest line of bodywork for the cadet and rookie chassis. These side pods mimic the Stilo series for the adult karts, and provide a clean full look to any kid kart.

Our price: $36.37
List price: $65.72 save 45%

Nylon Flange for CIK Front Bumper
SKU: 096111
The KG Bodywork's nylon front spoiler flange is designed to work with CIK front nerf bars and spoilers. With this flange, you can give your front end a little more durability, ensuring no separation in the front end nerf bars on impact.

Our price: $13.25
Plastic Chain Guard
SKU: 31065
This plastic chain guard is an easy and cost effective way to protect your equipment of the hazard this is grease. At 24 1/2" long, this guard will protect the chassis and driver from hazards like exploding chains and unwanted grease. It is easy to install and all at an affordable price.

Our price: $5.12
List price: $5.69 save 10%
Rear Bumper Mounting Kit (Cadet)
SKU: 096201
The KG Bodywork's CIK/05 rear bumper mounting kit is designed to work with the KG CIK/05 cadet kart rear bumper. It comes with all the hardware shown, with pre-drilled slotted holes for easy installation.

Our price: $120.95
Rear Bumper Mounting Kit (RLV)
SKU: 096202

The rear spoiler mounting kit from RLV is an affordable way to mount a your full width rear plastic bumper. With slotted mounting rails, it is adjustable to several different height positions allowing you that much more tune-ability from your kart.

Our price: $68.31
Rear Bumper Mounting Plug Assembly
SKU: 09620232

Margay Racing's rear bumper plug assembly is designed to be used in a 28mm (1 1/8") or 32mm (1 1/4") tubing chassis. It is the perfect application when running a full length plastic rear bumper.

Our price: $30.75
List price: $32.75 save 6%

TAG Chain Guard Kit (KG)
SKU: 31064
This KG Bodywork's fully enclosed chain guard is designed to be used with most TAG, KF, and Rotax applications. It comes complete with the plastic guard and mounting hardware needed to complete installation.

Our price: $71.10
List price: $79.00 save 10%
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