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Duo Bodywork [Closeout!]



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Duo Bodywork Kit (Includes Nerf Bars) [Closeout!]
SKU: 096396

The KG Bodywork's CIK/11 Duo bodywork is extra stout and made with the aggressive driver in mind.  The Duo nose works with any CIK-style quick release system and fits all Margay karts made after 1997. This kit comes with a Duo front spoiler, right and left Duo side pods, CIK/08 Unico style front panel, and Unico style nerf bars to give your pods a stylish fit.

Our price: $189.95
List price: $317.90 save 40%

Duo Front Spoiler [Closeout!]
SKU: 096316

The KG Bodywork's CIK/11 Duo front spoiler is the perfect complement for the aggressive driver. The blunt front and wrap-around design allow the Duo nose to absorb heavy impacts without significant deformation.

Our price: $39.95
List price: $93.45 save 57%

Duo Side Pod [Closeout!]
SKU: 096306L

The KG Bodywork's CIK/11 Duo side pod is the perfect pod for the driver who wants a sculpted look and extra durability. The Duo pods shape and construction make it very resistant to impacts.

Our price: $19.95
List price: $49.45 save 60%

Unico Side Pod Plug
SKU: 096040

Use this rubber vented plug in your Unico side pods to prevent tire rubber and other debris from accumulating in the pod. Plug snaps in...easy to install and remove.

Our price: $8.03
Nerf Bar Mount Tube Kit
SKU: 59304

This 4 piece nerf bar mount kit is for karts with angled nerf bar mounts, that want to mount newer CIK style bodywork and nerf bars. Once welded onto the frame, this kit allows any older chassis to be revamped with a new look!. The kit comes with the tube mounts, and nerf bar mounting hardware.

Our price: $34.02
List price: $37.80 save 10%
Nerf Bar Mount Kit
SKU: 095271

This kit comes with everything you need to bolt a set of nerf bards on to your newer style kart. The contents include 4 bolts, 4 lock nuts, and 8 washers. With a kit this cheap, it wouldn't hurt to have a couple spares.

Our price: $5.27
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