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Briggs Racing LO206

Briggs-Stratton L0206 Racing Engine

This factory sealed racing engine with ground cam and controlled piston pop-up (reducing compression variance) is hand-built in Milwaukee, WI. using precision tooling and fixtures to achieve unparalleled repeatability.

The simple, straightforward rule set is controlled by the manufacturer--not a sanctioning body--and is designed to maintain a stock configuration right down to the factory shipped carburetor jets. Manufacturer control of the rules insures that the integrity of this sealed-engine program remains intact and stable over the long run.



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LO206 Champion Spark Plug
SKU: 302317

WKA legal LO206 spark plug with Briggs logo on plug

Our price: $4.30
Briggs & Stratton LO206 Racing Engine (engine only)
SKU: 302000

This is the Briggs LO206 engine only and does not come with a header, mount, filter, ect. The motor is sealed from the factory and is intended for sanctioned racing used. The spec LO206 package helps keep costs down and racing closer than ever before. This package is growing all across North America; don't get left behind.

For a complete engine kit with all the accessories you need to install the engine on your existing kart, see our complete kit here.

Our price: $613.98
Briggs & Stratton LO206 Racing Engine Complete Kit
SKU: 302005

Briggs & Stratton LO206 Racing Engine This is a complete kit that includes everything you need set a complete engine on your existing kart, just add gas & oil!

It's all in the box...everything you need to join the LO206 program and get on the track in the most competitive class around. 

Our price: $995.00

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