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Unico Front Spoiler
SKU: 096026

The KG Bodywork's CIK/08 Unico style bodywork is one the lightest and most universal kits around. It provides a solid look and reliable protection. Mounted with the front panel, the Unico front spoiler provides great aerodynamic and appeal.

Our price: $62.95
List price: $69.95 save 10%

Duo Front Spoiler [Closeout!]
SKU: 096316

The KG Bodywork's CIK/11 Duo front spoiler is the perfect complement for the aggressive driver. The blunt front and wrap-around design allow the Duo nose to absorb heavy impacts without significant deformation.

Our price: $39.95
List price: $84.95 save 53%

CIK Spoiler Spring Hook Latches-Pair
SKU: 096112

Sold by the pair, these latches are used to clamp the upper and lower spoiler support tubes (upper and lower front bumper) to the spoiler mounting blocks. These are original KG equipment.

Our price: $37.75
List price: $41.95 save 10%
Duo Bodywork Kit (Includes Nerf Bars) [Closeout!]
SKU: 096396

The KG Bodywork's CIK/11 Duo bodywork is extra stout and made with the aggressive driver in mind.  The Duo nose works with any CIK-style quick release system and fits all Margay karts made after 1997. This kit comes with a Duo front spoiler, right and left Duo side pods, CIK/08 Unico style front panel, and Unico style nerf bars to give your pods a stylish fit.

Our price: $189.95
List price: $299.00 save 36%

KG RS3 Adjustable width rear bumper
SKU: 096348

Adjustable width rear bumper from KG Karting Adjusts in width from 47" to 55" (1200mm to 1400mm) allowing you to narrow the rear bumper as need to prevent rear wheel overhang. Works with your existing KG full width rear bumper mounting hardware.

Our price: $130.45
List price: $144.95 save 10%

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