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Application: Junior (12-15) and Senior (15+) 4-Cycle classes (Briggs 206)

$3995 less engine package

$4995 Kit package, assembled rolling chassis, decal kit, engine, tires and seat included (uninstalled)

$5495 Race ready package, complete w/ Briggs 206 and Hoosier R60B tires (installed)


Brava 206 Front View Brava 206 Side View Formula 100 Steering Wheel
F100 Front Frame Ignite K3 front Panel F100 Steering Lock
F100 Caster/Camber System Brava 206 with Briggs 206 Brava 206 Seat
Standard Equipment/Features


  • 25mm x 95mm euro mount front hubs, billet aluminum
  • 40mm rear axle, 2 bearing, adjustable
  • 40mm x 65mm euro mount rear hubs, billet aluminum
  • 40mm aluminum sprocket hub
  • Billet adjustable front torsion
  • Billet chain adjuster
  • Margay M8 Steering Wheel
  • 8.5L liter fuel tank with integral pick-up & vent


  • KG '506/Evo-Stilo' lightweight bodywork; black or red
  • KG 'RS3' adjustable full width rear bumper
  • Margay factory decal kit




  • TruSpeed Magnesium front and rear wheels
Available Options




Yes, I am interested in this kart and would like to have my nearest Margay dealer or a factory representative contact me.




Race safe - always wear an approved helmet, helmet support, driving suit and gloves when karting.  Stay on track!  Never drive any kart on public roads or highways.  Karts are intended for use in sanctioned competitions only.  Some karts shown with optional equipment.  Karts can be hazardous to operate and can cause severe injuries, paralysis or death.Race safe - always wear an approved helmet, helmet support, driving suit and gloves when karting.

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