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Senior (ages 15+)

Drivers who have attained the competition age (the age a driver attains during the calendar year) of 15 have a range of classes to choose from.  Both the Yamaha & KPV classes utilize the same engines as Junior Sportsman and Junior categories thus allowing an easy transition to the Senior classes.  As with other categories, the Yamaha class is the most popular class across the country.  KPV, TaG, Rotax and PRD classes also enjoy strong participation depending on location.  What may be the most popular class in one region may not exist in another region so do your homework.  If you are just getting started, the Yamaha class is ideal as it is well supported and a great place to master the fundamentals which will lead to more success as you move into the more powerful classes.

TaG refers to the ‘Touch and Go’ aspect of the electric start 125cc classes.  Unlike Yamaha & KPV, TaG engines are water-cooled and do not require an external starter.  TaG is considered a premier class where solid fundamental skills and ability are required to be competitive.

The Rotax engine falls under the TaG category but typically runs in a stand alone series.

Senior Essentials

Yamaha Senior


  • Engine: 100cc Yamaha KT100SE
  • Carburetor: Walbro WB3A
  • Fuel: gas and oil only
  • Exhaust: RLV SSX-V (4-hole) or SR-Y pipe
  • Minimum weights: lite: 350 lbs
  • Tires: 4.5 x 10-5 (front), 7.1-10.5-5 (rear), brand and compound specified by club


Suggested Kart: Yamaha - Brava 100




  • Engine: Various 125cc engines, typically Parilla Leopard, PRD or Rotax
  • Drive system: Single speed, centrifugal clutch
  • Cooling: Water cooled
  • Electric start
  • Weights vary by engine
  • Exhaust and carburetor must be OEM as supplied by the engine manufacturer


Suggested Kart: TaG - Brava 125




  • Engine: Briggs LO206
  • Slide: Briggs 'Black' factory slide
  • Fuel: gas and oil only
  • Exhaust: Factory approvel Lo206 enhaust
  • Minimum weights: 370 lbs


Suggested Kart: Briggs - Brava 206 , Ignite K3

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