Axle Components



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30mm Axle
SKU: 093457

These Precision Kart Technologies axles are 30mm x 1000mm. We also offer a 1060mm length .They come in 2.1mm wall thickness, 2.5mm wall thickness, and 3.0mm wall thickness variations to help provide you with the level of grip you need.

Our price: $193.00

30mm Axle Bearing
SKU: 093400

These 30mm axle bearings provide a clean smooth roll to help achieve maximum top straight line speeds, and reduced friction for faster take offs.

Our price: $20.00
30mm Axle Key
SKU: 093481

Keep your components in place and spinning when they are supposed to with these axle keys for the 30mm Axles.

Our price: $9.60

30mm Bearing Cassette
SKU: 093405

These slick red 30mm bearing cassettes are designed to work with the three bolt mounting system. These beefy bearing cassettes are sturdy, long lasting and look great.

Our price: $44.95
30mm Brake Hub
SKU: 093418

This 30mm brake hub is super light weight, and provides a slick red or black look. It is designed to be used with the MCP 6.0" 3-bolt brake rotor.

Our price: $59.17
30mm Split Lock Collar
SKU: 093409

Having trouble keeping everything on the axle in place? These 30mm split axle lock collars are what you need then. Being split collars, you don't even have to take anything off to bolt these up, just unscrew them, put them in the desired location, and tighten them down. Simple as that.

Our price: $19.00
30mm Sprocket Hub
SKU: 093416

Everyone needs a sprocket hub, so why not get one that looks awesome? This unique looking 30mm sprocket hub does the job it is intended to do, and provides a slick red look at the same time.

Our price: $66.45
List price: $69.95 save 5%
Quantity Out of stock
30mm Wheel Hubs
SKU: 093432

Having the right hub length is vital to achieving a good handling kart. Coming in small, medium, and long lengths these hubs ensure that you have what you need no matter what the track conditions are looking like. They also come in red and black.

Our price: $53.58

M8 Bearing Cassette Bolt (for 6 bolt cassette)
SKU: 031133

Bearing cassette mount bolts are a M8 x 1.25, hex head bolt. No conical or flat washers are needed. Comes in a bright yellow zinc finish.

Our price: $1.64
M8 Wheel Hub Stud
SKU: 031635

M8 x 1.25 wheel hub stud for 30mm, 40mm and 50mm wheel hubs

Our price: $4.27
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