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Throttle control rod, pre 1997 karts
SKU: 097310

Throttle control rod, pre 1997 karts,18 1/2 inches.

Our price: $9.15

Gearbox Shoulder Bushing
SKU: 10-45
Gearbox Shoulder Bushing

Our price: $2.00
Twelve Point Engine Mount/Gearbox Bolt
SKU: 11-68
Twelve Point Engine Mount/Gearbox Bolt

Our price: $4.95
Quantity Out of stock
5/16 - 24 U-Bolt with Clamp Plate
SKU: 23-51K

5/16-24 U-Ring w/ Clamp Plate

Holes drilled for locking fasteners. 

1 7/16 Inch gap from end to end of holes 

Our price: $6.25
Safari Gear Box Gear Set
SKU: 24-1GS6.2/31
Safari Gear Box Gear Set

Our price: $30.00

Axle nuts for 1" stepped axle (Pair)
SKU: 24-23-20

We found another stash of axle nuts! This could be the last of them. Don't waste any time!

NOS 3/4-16 castle nuts for Margay series 150 axles that were standard equipment in all Margay karts produced from the late 1960's through 1980. 

Sold in pairs.

Our price: $5.96
24 Series wheel bolt kit
SKU: 24-23-BK
Bolt kit for 24 series wheel assemblies

Our price: $5.95
Vintage Valve Stem Caps (set of 4)
SKU: 24-23-VC

Vintage Valve Stem Cap

Our price: $4.00
Vintage Nassau Panel
SKU: 24-231-66

Vintage Nassau Panel

Our price: $75.00
Panther X Nerf Bars
SKU: 24-341

These nerf bars were standard issue nerf bars for the vintage style Panther X, and Panther X Junior racing chassis.

Our price: $55.00

Bandito Nerf Bar
SKU: 24-345

NOS nerf bar for all Bandito karts.

Our price: $36.00
Vintage Bearing Hanger
SKU: 39-7

This bearing hanger was used on Margay karts during the mid-late 1970's.  These hangers will need to be welded to the chassis.

These are sold individually.

These will need to be welded to the frame.

Our price: $6.95
Base Plate Clamp
SKU: 421-18
NOS, original engine mount clamp used on all Margay karts from the mid-1970ís through the early 1990ís.
For use on all karts with ĎAmericaní (narrow) engine mount spacing. Zinc plated

Our price: $4.95
10, 12 & 15 Degree Spindles
SKU: 4565

These spindles are available in 10, 12, and 15 degrees for both the right and left hand sides. They have a 5/8" shaft.

Our price: $69.95

Steel Compression Fitting
SKU: 46-10
Steel compression fitting

Our price: $4.00
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