Nerf Bars



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Evo Stilo Nerf Bars
SKU: 0953371

The KG Bodywork's Evo Stillo nerf bars are designed to work with the Evo Stillo CIK/14 style side pods.

Our price: $62.65

MK14 Cadet/Rookie Nerf Bar
SKU: 0953281

The KG Bodywork's MK14 side pod nerf bars are designed to be used with the MK14 side pods.

Our price: $62.65

Pre 2003 Cadet Nerf Bars
SKU: 0953542

These nerf bars are designed to be used with pre 2003 Margay cadet karts with an angled front and rear mount tube.

Our price: $72.64

Extra Wide 1992-2000 Nerf Bars
SKU: 095345

For use on 1992-2000 model year karts that feature angled nerf bar mount tubes. These nerfs were utilized for extra protection when running rear widths of 50" or wider. Sold Individually.

Our price: $75.00

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