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17mm Brava Billet Spindle
SKU: 465538

These 17mm spindles look great and get the job done. They have a brilliant chrome finish that really give them a slick look. Manufactured from billet steel, they have the durability to go the distance. These spindles feature a 3/8" bearing.

Our price: $149.95

3/4" Steering Bushing
SKU: 094242

These 3/4" Steering bushings are designed to be used with any size of the 3/4" tubular steering shafts. They are a rigid black plastic and are very lightweight.

Our price: $8.76
AC Standard Pill (8mm Kingpin)
SKU: 094521

Adjustable caster / camber pill that allows the spindle to sit at its factory settings. These pills are centered, and can only be used with a 8mm kingpin bolt.

Our price: $6.85
Front Bumper (Shifter) [Closeout!]
SKU: 095206

This front bumper can only be used with the Margay Racing designed Shifter chassis. This is a closeout item and will not be manufactured again once our stock is gone.

Our price: $64.37
Front Torsion Tube (Brava 1.2 & 4.2)
SKU: 093146

This front torsion tube is made and cut for the use in a Margay Brava 1.2 or 4.2 chassis. Using 6 3/4" hardware, this tube can help provide a stiff front end leading to increase front end grip levels.

Our price: $17.19
Knob for quick release tank, black/(Righetti)
SKU: 52145
Replacement knob for quick release tank, black (Righetti).

Our price: $6.26
Rear bumper mount rubber, Brava
SKU: 095245
Rear bumper mount rubber, Brava

Our price: $2.30
Syncro Blade Floor Pan
SKU: 095138

This flat black floor pan is made to be used with the vintage Margay Syncro Blade chassis. The two holes in the floor pan are to provide clearance for the front torsion bar clamps.

Our price: $75.84
17mm Brava Billet Spindle Assembly (Right)
SKU: 466539

This 3/8" bearing 17mm billet spindle assembly comes with everything you need to replace the right spindle on your Brava chassis. It comes complete with the spindle, tie rod end with hardware, wheel spacers, castle nut and safety clip. This package should have what you need to get you rolling again.

Our price: $159.74
3/4" TruSpeed Straight Steering Hub
SKU: 094195

Machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, this TruSpeed steering wheel hub fits a 3/4" diameter shaft (standard on all Margay Brava karts). Two mounting positions allow the driver to fine tune the steering wheel postion for maximum performance. Steering wheel mounting holes are tapped for M6x1 fasteners.

Our price: $49.95
40mm / 50mm Split Bearing Cassette
SKU: 093504

These split bearing cassettes are for the use of 40mm or 50mm axle bearings in the older 3 bolt cassette mounting chassis. They are split at the top to provide adjustable tension on the bearing itself.

Our price: $39.78
AC Pro Offset Pill (3/8" Kingpin)
SKU: 094593

The "pro" offset pill is notched all the way around the outside diameter and allows for caster and camber changes on karts utilizing locating pins. For use with 3/8" kingpins and featuring a 3/4" (.750") diameter locating boss.

Our price: $14.55
Brava Cadet Floor Pan (01' Models)
SKU: 095142

This floor pan is made for use with the 2001 Brava Cadet racing chassis and comes in a flat black finish.

Our price: $67.79
Front Bumper (Puma/Lynx)
SKU: 095200

This front bumper bracket is made to be used with some of the Margay Racing vintage series chassis. These chassis include: Puma, Lynx, and the Xpert III.

Our price: $99.00
Fuel Tank 3.0 Liter Cadet/Rookie (Old Style Rig)
SKU: 52153
Fuel Tank 3.0 Liter Cadet/Rookie (Old Style-Rig)

Our price: $34.43
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