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Vinyl cap for petcock valve
SKU: 52162
Vinyl cap for petcock valve.

Our price: $0.24
Unico Pod Mounting Hardware Kit
SKU: 095272

This hardware kit comes with everything you need to mount your KG Bodywork's Unico side pods and front panel to the required brackets. It comes with 11 bolts and locking nuts, as well as 11 washers.

Our price: $11.16
Tubular Tie Rod & Assemblies
SKU: 0941XX1

Tubular tie rod, select length

Our price: $18.65

Torsion Bar Clamp 1 1/8" (8mm hardware)
SKU: 093119

These torsion bar clamps are made for karts with 1 1/8" or 28mm tubing. They provide a tight lock on your front torsion tubes, and a great look for the entire kart. They use 8mm hardware.

Our price: $26.15
Throttle Rod Return Spring
SKU: 097107

Return spring for karts using a throttle control rod.

Our price: $2.70
Throttle rod guide bushing
SKU: 097108

Throttle rod guide bushing

Our price: $2.97
Throttle pedal, standard, 3/8" solid
SKU: 097335
Throttle pedal, standard, 3/8" solid. Comes as pictured and is ready to install!

Our price: $29.89
Throttle pedal, Brava, tubular
SKU: 097342

Fabricated from 1/2" diameter 4130 Chromoly steel, our tubular throttle pedal is tig-welded and is finished with nickel plating. Mount bushing is sized for 5/16" hardware and can be drilled to accept the 3/8" hardware that was utilized on earlier model Brava karts. Mounting hardware is not included.

Our price: $57.38
Throttle control rod, pre 1997 karts
SKU: 097310

Throttle control rod, pre 1997 karts,18 1/2 inches.

Our price: $9.15

Throttle cable, 1.2mm x 2000mm
SKU: 097120

For use on all Margay Brava or other Euro style karts.  Standard equipment on all Brava karts.  Small barrel on cable end fits OE Yamaha carb swivels.  This cable is not well suited for use on older (Pre-1997) Margay karts that use a control rod and cable pull adapter (which utilizes the 54" throttle cable).

Our price: $5.46
Throttle cable pull adaptor
SKU: 097106

Throttle cable pull adaptor

Our price: $4.28
Throttle cable clamp block
SKU: 097104

Throttle cable clamp block

Our price: $4.86
Throttle cable 54"
SKU: 097110

Standard throttle cable used on all karts that utilize a 1/4" rod link to the pedal. Standard equipment on all Pre-1997 Margay karts and also on most oval track karts.

Our price: $4.45
Team Margay Beanie
SKU: 099059
A "one size fits all" Team Margay Beanie

Our price: $15.00
Syncro Blade Floor Pan
SKU: 095138

This flat black floor pan is made to be used with the vintage Margay Syncro Blade chassis. The two holes in the floor pan are to provide clearance for the front torsion bar clamps.

Our price: $75.84
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