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Spindle Adapter Kit
SKU: SKU: 094580
Kit for upgrading older karts that utilized 1/2" kingpins to newer style spindles with 3/8" kingpins and bearings.

Our price: $26.95
Margay Racing Team Suit
SKU: 099702
The new Margay Racing team suit is manufactured by MIR Race Ware. This 'Level 2' homologated suit offers a lightweight lining that helps produce a comfortable fit, and a ventilated interior. There are mesh ventilation opening to help ensure that the driver stays cool and collected. Support the new Margay logo and brands with this new MIR suit today!

Our price: $289.00
List price: $395.00 save 27%

25mm Brava Billet Spindle Kit
SKU: 94025

The Margay Racing Brava 25mm spindle are key when running high horsepower karting packages. They allow more adjust-ability as well as more overall front end grip. These spindles help prevent under steer, and help get you into the winners circle.

Our price: $479.70
MCP Braided Line Set (Brava)
SKU: 7196

This MCP braided line set is designed to be used with most modern Margay chassis models (excluding cadet/widlcat applications). It requires the use of NPT fittings both on the master cylinder and the caliper. It measures approximately 27" in length.

Our price: $60.76
List price: $75.95 save 20%
Margay Team Decal Kit (Unico)
SKU: 6455

Reverse screen printed on extra heavy vinyl, our team decal kit not only looks great but is also extremely durable. Many other decal kits are printed on top of thin vinyl sheet with an ink-jet type plotter. Those kits lack depth and are quickly destroyed with just a little 'rubbin' is racin' contact. By screen printing our graphics on the back of extra thick clear vinyl, our mettallics and colors really pop and have a lot of depth. If looking good makes you go faster, these decals are worth half a second.

Our price: $149.00
Nerf Bar Mount Tube Kit
SKU: 59304

This 4 piece nerf bar mount kit is for karts with angled nerf bar mounts, that want to mount newer CIK style bodywork and nerf bars. Once welded onto the frame, this kit allows any older chassis to be revamped with a new look!. The kit comes with the tube mounts, and nerf bar mounting hardware.

Our price: $34.02
List price: $37.80 save 10%
Fuel tank cap, 9.0 liter quick release tank (Righetti)
SKU: 52184
Fuel tank cap 9.0 quick release tank (Righetti)

Our price: $7.56
Fuel pick up tube cap
SKU: 52183
Fuel pick up tube cap

Our price: $2.01
Fuel tank cap for old style 7 qt. tank
SKU: 52165

Fuel tank cap for old style 7 qt. tank

Our price: $5.12
Quantity Out of stock
Vinyl cap for petcock valve
SKU: 52162
Vinyl cap for petcock valve.

Our price: $0.24
Fuel tank, petcock valve, double
SKU: 52161

OEM petcock valve for the Margay 52160 tank, dual outlet

Our price: $23.65
Floor Mount Fuel Tank-Panther X, Pro-X, Expert, Puma, Lynx
SKU: 52160
Original OEM fuel tank for a wide range of Margay and many other brands from the 70's, 80's and early 90's.

Our price: $55.00
Fuel Tank pick-up for 9 liter Q.R. (Righetti)
SKU: 52156
Fuel Tank pick-up for 9 liter Q.R. (Righetti)

Our price: $17.56
Fuel Tank 3.0 Liter Cadet/Rookie (Old Style Rig)
SKU: 52153
Fuel Tank 3.0 Liter Cadet/Rookie (Old Style-Rig)

Our price: $34.43
Fuel Catch Tank, 6 oz.
SKU: 52152
Fuel catch tank 6 oz

Our price: $6.04
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