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Front Torsion Tube (Brava Rookie)
SKU: 093156

This 9 1/4" front torsion tube is made to increase chassis stiffness in the Brava Rookie models. When inserted, the front end becomes more rigid allowing for increase front end grip levels.

Our price: $16.06
Front Torsion Tube (Brava 1.2 & 4.2)
SKU: 093146

This front torsion tube is made and cut for the use in a Margay Brava 1.2 or 4.2 chassis. Using 6 3/4" hardware, this tube can help provide a stiff front end leading to increase front end grip levels.

Our price: $17.19
Fuel Tank pick-up for 9 liter Q.R. (Righetti)
SKU: 52156
Fuel Tank pick-up for 9 liter Q.R. (Righetti)

Our price: $17.56
Rear Torsion Tube (Brava 1.2 & Later)
SKU: 093148

This 12" long rear torsion tube is made to be used in the Brava 1.2 and later models. It will help increase the rear grip levels by providing a stiffer rear end.

Our price: $18.33
Tubular Tie Rod & Assemblies
SKU: 0941XX1

Tubular tie rod, select length

Our price: $18.65

CIK Style Pod Nerf Bars
SKU: 095361

These nerf bars are designed to work with the CIK style bread box pods. They have a chrome finish and angled front and rear mounting tubes.

Our price: $19.90

Rear Adjustable Torsion Tube (Brava 1.25)
SKU: 093154

Need some rear end grip, but don't want to go over the top? Then this rear torsion blade is for you. Inserted into a Brava 1.25 chassis, this torsion blade can be adjusted to a soft or hard setting to help give the precise grip levels that you are needing.

Our price: $21.78
Rear bumper mount plug assembly, complete
SKU: 095248
Rear bumper mount plug assembly complete

Our price: $21.94
Gauge Bracket for KG Daytona 330
SKU: 094232

This piece is to be used with the KG Bodyworks Daytona 330 series steering wheel, and is designed to be able to mount a Mychron or KG gauge.

Our price: $21.95
Fuel tank, petcock valve, double
SKU: 52161

OEM petcock valve for the Margay 52160 tank, dual outlet

Our price: $23.65
Torsion Bar Clamp 1 1/8" (8mm hardware)
SKU: 093119

These torsion bar clamps are made for karts with 1 1/8" or 28mm tubing. They provide a tight lock on your front torsion tubes, and a great look for the entire kart. They use 8mm hardware.

Our price: $26.15
Spindle Adapter Kit
SKU: SKU: 094580
Kit for upgrading older karts that utilized 1/2" kingpins to newer style spindles with 3/8" kingpins and bearings.

Our price: $26.95
Pre 1992 Double Nerf Bar
SKU: 095321

This double nerf bar was used from 1988 through 1992 on karts with an angled rear mount tube and a bolt-on tab mount in the front. The double bars provide extra impact resistance and are much more sturdy and rigid than the single nerf bars.

Our price: $27.40

20mm Steering Hub (Kid Kart)
SKU: 094194

These 20mm steering hubs are designed to be used with the 20mm kid kart steering shaft. Made from billet aluminium, these black anodized steering hubs have two mounting positions for optimum comfort.

Our price: $29.82
Brake pedal, standard, 3/8" solid
SKU: 097235
Brake pedal, standard, 3/8" solid. Comes as pictured, and is ready to install!

Our price: $29.89
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