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Steel Compression Fitting
SKU: 46-10
Steel compression fitting

Our price: $4.00
5/8" Steering Bushing
SKU: 094240

These 5/8" Steering bushings are designed to be used with any size of the 5/8" tubular steering shafts. They are a rigid black plastic and are very lightweight.

Our price: $4.02
Throttle cable 54"
SKU: 097110

Standard throttle cable used on all karts that utilize a 1/4" rod link to the pedal. Standard equipment on all Pre-1997 Margay karts and also on most oval track karts.

Our price: $4.03
Nerf Bar Mount Kit
SKU: 095271

This kit comes with everything you need to bolt a set of nerf bards on to your newer style kart. The contents include 4 bolts, 4 lock nuts, and 8 washers. With a kit this cheap, it wouldn't hurt to have a couple spares.

Our price: $4.13
List price: $4.59 save 10%
Axle nuts for 1" stepped axle (Pair)
SKU: 24-23-20

We found another stash of axle nuts! This could be the last of them. Don't waste any time!

NOS 3/4-16 castle nuts for Margay series 150 axles that were standard equipment in all Margay karts produced from the late 1960's through 1980. 

Sold in pairs.

Our price: $4.95
Shock Absorber Bushing
SKU: 065118

Shock absorber bushing

Our price: $4.95
Throttle cable, 1.2mm x 2000mm
SKU: 097120

For use on all Margay Brava or other Euro style karts.  Standard equipment on all Brava karts.  Small barrel on cable end fits OE Yamaha carb swivels.  This cable is not well suited for use on older (Pre-1997) Margay karts that use a control rod and cable pull adapter (which utilizes the 54" throttle cable).

Our price: $4.96
Fuel tank cap for old style 7 qt. tank
SKU: 52165

Fuel tank cap for old style 7 qt. tank

Our price: $5.12
Quantity Out of stock
20mm Steering Bushing (Kid Kart)
SKU: 094244

These 20mm steering bushings are designed to be used with the 20mm kid kart style steering shafts. They are a rigid silver plastic and are very lightweight, and feature two mounting positions for extra adjust-ability.

Our price: $5.69
Swedged Bushing
SKU: 46-1B

Weld-on mount bushing

Our price: $5.70
Quantity Out of stock
24 Series wheel bolt kit
SKU: 24-23-BK
Bolt kit for 24 series wheel assemblies

Our price: $5.95
Fuel Catch Tank, 6 oz.
SKU: 52152
Fuel catch tank 6 oz

Our price: $6.04
AC Standard Pill (8mm Kingpin)
SKU: 094521

Adjustable caster / camber pill that allows the spindle to sit at its factory settings. These pills are centered, and can only be used with a 8mm kingpin bolt.

Our price: $6.85
Brake Rod, 1/4-28
SKU: 09720X1
These brake / throttle rods are equipped with 1/4"-28 thread on each end.

Our price: $7.50

Fuel tank cap, 9.0 liter quick release tank (Righetti)
SKU: 52184
Fuel tank cap 9.0 quick release tank (Righetti)

Our price: $7.56
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