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Steel Compression Fitting
SKU: 46-10
Steel compression fitting

Our price: $4.00
20mm Steering Bushing (Kid Kart)
SKU: 094244

These 20mm steering bushings are designed to be used with the 20mm kid kart style steering shafts. They are a rigid silver plastic and are very lightweight, and feature two mounting positions for extra adjust-ability.

Our price: $5.69
25mm Brava Billet Spindle
SKU: 4655351

Need some extra front end grip? Adding 25mm spindles in place of the standard 17mm spindles is the answer. Machined from billet 86L20 steel then heat-treated to our specifications, our 25mm spindles significantly increase initial turn-in response and overall front grip. A must have for higher horsepower applications. 

Our price: $159.95

3/4" Tubular Steering Shafts
SKU: 09411X1

This 3/4" diameter tubular steering shafts are used on the more modern Margay chassis. They feature 3 position steering ackerman with a center hole and outside holes.

Our price: $59.46
List price: $69.95 save 15%

Brava Floor Pan (Limo and Ignite K3 Models)
SKU: 095139

This floor pan is used in all Brava Limo chassis. They are 27 5/8" long and 16 3/4" wide, in a flat black finish. This floor pan will fit Brava 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11 racing chassis.

Our price: $79.00
Cadet/Rookie rear bumper
SKU: 095228
Cadet/Rookie rear bumper

Our price: $79.00
Front Torsion Blade (Aluminum)
SKU: 093130

This torsion blade is made for the new style Margay racing chassis and provide a great level of grip options to the front end of the kart. It can be set in a soft or hard position to help dial in the front end handling of the kart. They are manufactured from billet aluminium.

This torsion bar fits all post-2000 Brava karts and all Ignite K3 karts.

Our price: $39.00
Fuel Tank KG 3.5 liter quick release
SKU: 52143
KG 3.5 liter quick release fuel tank. Features a air flow connection for consistent suction.

Our price: $60.24
Margay Team Round Steering Wheel (Cadet)
SKU: 094239

This KG Bodyworks steering wheel has a 11 3/4" diameter and is wrapped completely in suede. It has a black anodized center aluminium piece holding it all together. This wheel is designed to be used with cadet / rookie karts.

Our price: $119.95
Pedal cap plug
SKU: 097341

Pedal plug intended for use with the Brava line pedals.

Our price: $0.56
Axle nuts for 1" stepped axle (Pair)
SKU: 24-23-20

We found another stash of axle nuts! This could be the last of them. Don't waste any time!

NOS 3/4-16 castle nuts for Margay series 150 axles that were standard equipment in all Margay karts produced from the late 1960's through 1980. 

Sold in pairs.

Our price: $5.96
1 3/4" Bearing Cassette
SKU: 093605

These 1 3/4" bearing cassettes are designed to be used with any modern Margay 3 bolt bearing hanger and 1 3/4" bearings only.

Our price: $58.64
List price: $68.99 save 15%
24 Series wheel bolt kit
SKU: 24-23-BK
Bolt kit for 24 series wheel assemblies

Our price: $5.95
25mm Brava Billet Spindle Kit
SKU: 94025

The Margay Racing Brava 25mm spindle are key when running high horsepower karting packages. They allow more adjust-ability as well as more overall front end grip. These spindles help prevent under steer, and help get you into the winners circle.

Our price: $479.70
AC Standard Pill (3/8" Kingpin)
SKU: 094590

Adjustable caster / camber pill that allows the spindle to sit at its factory settings. These pills are centered, and can only be used with a 3/8" kingpin bolt.

Our price: $7.99
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