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Throttle pedal, standard, 3/8" solid
SKU: 097335
Throttle pedal, standard, 3/8" solid. Comes as pictured and is ready to install!

Our price: $29.89
5/8" Front Hubs (US Mount)
SKU: 093082

Front wheel hubs for the vintage style 5/8" spindles for US bolt pattern wheels. These hubs come with the mounting hardware to bolt the wheel to the hub.

Our price: $30.44
Nerf Bar Mount Tube Kit
SKU: 59304

This 4 piece nerf bar mount kit is for karts with angled nerf bar mounts, that want to mount newer CIK style bodywork and nerf bars. Once welded onto the frame, this kit allows any older chassis to be revamped with a new look!. The kit comes with the tube mounts, and nerf bar mounting hardware.

Our price: $34.02
List price: $37.80 save 10%
Fuel Tank 3.0 Liter Cadet/Rookie (Old Style Rig)
SKU: 52153
Fuel Tank 3.0 Liter Cadet/Rookie (Old Style-Rig)

Our price: $34.43
Lynx O/TS Nerf Bars
SKU: 095351

These nerf bars are designed specifically for the Margay Lynx O/TS chassis and will not fit the more common Lynx A/C. They use a angled front and rear tube for mounting. The Lynx O/TS was a left hand drive chassis designed specifically for 2-cycle oval racing.

Our price: $34.92

Bandito Nerf Bar
SKU: 24-345

NOS nerf bar for all Bandito karts.

Our price: $36.00
Front Bumper (Cadet) [Closeout!]
SKU: 095207

This front bumper is made to be used with the older style Margay cadet front bumpers. This is a closeout item and will not be manufactured again once our stock is gone.

Our price: $36.58
Front Torsion Blade (Aluminum)
SKU: 093130

This torsion blade is made for the new style Margay racing chassis and provide a great level of grip options to the front end of the kart. It can be set in a soft or hard position to help dial in the front end handling of the kart. They are manufactured from billet aluminium.

This torsion bar fits all post-2000 Brava karts and all Ignite K3 karts.

Our price: $39.00
40mm / 50mm Split Bearing Cassette
SKU: 093504

These split bearing cassettes are for the use of 40mm or 50mm axle bearings in the older 3 bolt cassette mounting chassis. They are split at the top to provide adjustable tension on the bearing itself.

Our price: $39.78
Enduro Floor Pan Front Porch
SKU: 095124

This front porch is an extension of the floor pan for Margay Enduro chassis that help keep the airflow underneath the chassis, allowing for the fastest straight line speeds possible.

Our price: $41.42
3/4" TruSpeed Straight Steering Hub
SKU: 094195

Machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, this TruSpeed steering wheel hub fits a 3/4" diameter shaft (standard on all Margay Brava karts). Two mounting positions allow the driver to fine tune the steering wheel postion for maximum performance. Steering wheel mounting holes are tapped for M6x1 fasteners.

Our price: $49.95
1999 Cadet Nerf Bars
SKU: 095357

These nerf bars are designed to be used in Margay cadet karts manufactured in 1999, and have front and rear angled mounting tubes.

Our price: $51.63

Floor Mount Fuel Tank-Panther X, Pro-X, Expert, Puma, Lynx
SKU: 52160
Original OEM fuel tank for a wide range of Margay and many other brands from the 70's, 80's and early 90's.

Our price: $55.00
Panther X Nerf Bars
SKU: 24-341

These nerf bars were standard issue nerf bars for the vintage style Panther X, and Panther X Junior racing chassis.

Our price: $55.00

Sprint Enduro Nerf Bars
SKU: 095360

These nerf bars are designed to work with the Margay Sprint Enduro chassis.

Our price: $55.00

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