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MIR Helmet Bag

MIR Helmet Bag
The bag is made of heavy-duty nylon, it comes in black or grey with the "M" Mir logo on the side; there is enough room to position both the helmet and neck protector. In short, a bag for everything you need when going to a race, from the neck up!

The plush finish padding provides excellent protection for both the helmet and collar; an important feature of the Mir bag is that it can be "adapted" to suit any size of helmet (or any need for additional space), thanks to an additional zipper that allows you to alter the volume as needed.

The two handles are clearly visible and specifically designed to make it easier to carry; they are stitched to the material to guarantee long-lasting resilience. But if we consider the word portability, a mention must go to the clip on the bottom of the bag that allows you to attach the padded shoulder strap, for great all-round portability. Slightly less noticeable, but no less essential, are the heavy-duty support feet.

Hard wearing and protective, as we said. But if you need to pack up and leave straight after a race, how can you dry the inside of the helmet? Mir has thought of this aspect too, and the bag has an air vent to allow the inside of the helmet to dry quickly and easily. Letís not forget another features, the presence of metal vents that allow the helmet to breathe ďfresh air " and be ready to use for the next race.

Customise your bag by adding your name and country of origin on the strap.
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