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MCP Complete Billet Master Cylinder
SKU: 7182

This MCP Billet Master Cylinder features a 3/4" bore with approximately .700" stroke. Internal reservoir with a non-vented cap. Utilizes 1/8 NPT fitting. 1/8 NPT to -3 straight fitting is included. This piece is a lightweight, easy to instal, top of the line piece.

Our price: $144.75
Vented Cast Brake Rotor (8.25" x 0.485")
SKU: 7170

This cast iron brake rotor has a unique vent design that helps keep it cool under heavy braking conditions. The big 8.25" diameter mixed with the 0.485 semi-hollow center allows for a massive friction area, and at only 2.50 pounds, it won't effect anything other than braking performance. This disc can be used with the MCP Billet brake system and with the proper set of shims, the MCP Cast system as well.

Our price: $149.88
MCP Billet Caliper Assembly
SKU: 71805

This MCP Billet Caliper comes with everything you need to replace your old or existing brake caliper. This billet aluminum caliper is lightweight and provides optimum performance. With the right master cylinder and brake line set, this easy to instal caliper should get you stopped in no time.

Our price: $260.00

MCP Complete Cast Brake System
SKU: 7131

This complete braking system features the MCP Cast brake caliper and master cylinder. Looking to upgrade your stopping power or replace older parts? This kit gives you everything you need to do it.


Brake Kit Ships Pre-Bled 

Our price: $284.49
MCP Complete Billet Brake System
SKU: 7178

This MCP Billet braking system comes with all the bells and whistles. The billet aluminum components are some of the lightest weight braking pieces out there, and help contribute to this systems optimum stopping performance.

Our price: $412.50
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