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Mini Lite Steel 3 Bolt Brake Rotor (6" x 3/16")
SKU: 7125

This 6" diameter brake rotor works perfect for the MCP Mini Lite brake system. At 1.00 pounds, this disc is thick enough to withstand some intense braking pressure.

Our price: $40.00
Minilite 1-1/4 disc hub
SKU: 7117
Minilite 1-1/4 disc hub

Our price: $22.00
List price: $27.50 save 20%
Vented Cast Brake Rotor (8.25" x 0.485")
SKU: 7170

This cast iron brake rotor has a unique vent design that helps keep it cool under heavy braking conditions. The big 8.25" diameter mixed with the 0.485 semi-hollow center allows for a massive friction area, and at only 2.50 pounds, it won't effect anything other than braking performance. This disc can be used with the MCP Billet brake system and with the proper set of shims, the MCP Cast system as well.

Our price: $149.88
Wave 4 Bolt Brake Rotor (8.25" x 3/16")
SKU: 7171

This Margay Wave Rotor packs a punch for the price. It offers great surface area, and at 1.80 pounds, is one of the lightest weight full size brake rotors available. It works perfectly with a stock MCP Cast brake system but can also be fit with the MCP Billet braking system.

Our price: $52.36
List price: $55.42 save 6%
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