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Gateway Kartplex Ignite Challenge October 12

Gateway Kartplex Ignite Challenge October 12

The Arrive and Drive Package Includes: ($845/Event, $2,995/Full Season)

  • Fully prepared Ignite K3 racing chassis equipped with Hoosier R80 tires 
  • Seat sized and kart weighted for each individual driver
  • Sealed Briggs & Stratton 206 engine package
  • Spec Racing fuel                       
  • Shared mechanic

Additional Information:

  • Ignite K3 weight (dry), ready to race: 159 pounds
  • The spec clutch is the Hilliard Flame.  The front driver will be spec'd, rear sprocket is open.
  • All wheels will be spec DWT: 135mm fronts (#75329) and 7 3/4" rears (#75415)
  • No 'laydown' seats allowed
  • Standard B & S LO206 engine rules will be enforced.
  • No 'Gold Cup' style noses allowed, only KG bodywork (any style) in unaltered form is allowed
  • KG RS3 rear bumpers are mandatory, must be adjust to cover at least 1/2 the width of the rear tire
  • MyChron 5's are available for rent and will be pre-installed for those who choose to rent.  It is permissible to bring and install your own MyChron gauge.  EGT probe installation is NOT allowed.
  • We will provide 'shared' mechanics who will assist you with mechanical help and set-up suggestions as required.  We suggest that you bring your own basic tools and tire pressure gauge.
  • All safety gear must be supplied by the driver.   
  • All drivers will be required to sign a Liability Release and crash damage acknowledgement. Drivers under 18 will also require a minors release form.
  • Class entry fee is NOT included in the $995 arrive & drive charge. 
  • Yes, you can purchase your race kart after the event.  CONTACT US for more information.

For more information on the Ignite K3, click HERE.

Please CONTACT US with any questions you may have. 


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