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MotorQuality Shoes [Closeout!]
SKU: 099902BL6.5

These MotorQuality racing shoes originall retailed for $129 a pair. They feature a heavily padded tongue and ankle support with a velco upper closure. Don't miss your chance to get these awesome shoes at an awesome price!

Our price: $39.00
List price: $129.00 save 70%

Rib Protection Vest [Closeout!]
SKU: 099908XXL

This karting vest is reinforced with stress-absorbing modules of polypropylene and is covered in skid-resistant Cordura. Shoulder straps feature cam-lock adjustment. Three closure buckles feature a wide range of adjustment that allow the driver to tailor the fir for ultimate comfort.

Our price: $39.00
List price: $129.00 save 70%

Zamp FS-6 Helmet [Closeout!]
SKU: 34257

The Zamp FS-6 is loaded with new features, including: a composite fiberglass lightweight shell, air-flow vents in front and back, chin and scalp vents with rear exhausts and plush removable/washable interior. Not to mention, an awesome graphic layout and multiple color options. The Zamp FS-6 is Snell M2010 and DOT approved.

Our price: $99.95
List price: $119.95 save 17%