20mm Steering Shafts



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AN Castle Nut, 5/16-24
SKU: 033340
AN Castle Nut, 5/16-24

Our price: $3.36
20mm Steering Hub (Kid Kart)
SKU: 094194

These 20mm steering hubs are designed to be used with the 20mm kid kart steering shaft. Made from billet aluminium, these black anodized steering hubs have two mounting positions for optimum comfort.

Our price: $29.82
20mm Steering Bushing (Kid Kart)
SKU: 094244

These 20mm steering bushings are designed to be used with the 20mm kid kart style steering shafts. They are a rigid silver plastic and are very lightweight, and feature two mounting positions for extra adjust-ability.

Our price: $5.69
Billet Steering Block / Fairing Mount / Steering Lock
SKU: 094290

Margay Racing's new billet aluminium steering block fairing mount combines cutting edge technology with lightweight performance. This steering block is available for American manufactures (3/4") and European manufactures (20mm).

Our price: $199.00

Hilliard Flame Maintenance/Rebuild Kit
SKU: 305147
Looking to rebuild your Hilliard Flame Clutch? Look no further! This package includes all of the things that you need to get your clutch running like new!

Our price: $44.95
List price: $54.95 save 18%
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