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Fourth Annual RIGP Ignite Shootout Sept 1-2

The 24th running of the Rock Island Grand Prix on September 1-2 will feature the return of Margay Racing’s Ignite Shootout. This program is designed to take aim at the grassroots level racer and provide them the opportunity to get in the seat for the most prestigious street race in the country. After an impressive increase in entries in the program’s third year, it’s only looking to grow in 2018.


“The Rock Island Grand Prix is one of the premier events in karting. We wanted to help open the door to a broader base of participants and allow karters to experience the event first hand, in a competitive class where the emphasis is on the driver.  Our spec Ignite program is ideally suited for those who want to ‘Arrive & Drive’ or compete with their own Ignite karts,” said Margay Racing owner Keith Freber.  “The RIGP is not only a great race, it’s a gathering…a pillar of the great karting events, its one not to be missed and the Ignite Shootout is the perfect opportunity for those from around the country and from outside of the country to ‘fly & drive’ and compete in this labor day weekend classic” continued Freber.


The Ignite Shootout will feature a full field competitors wheeling Ignite K3 spec chassis manufactured by Margay Racing.  These chassis will be equipped with LO206 engines and the Bridgestone YDS tire compound.  This combination is the perfect marriage between minimizing costs and maximizing competition.


Margay Racing will provide Arrive & Drive packages that will feature Briggs 206 powered Ignite K3 chassis, Bridgestone YDS tires, racing fuel, tent space, catered lunches and a shared mechanic.  This package can be rented for the weekend for $1,295. Existing Ignite K3 owners are welcome to participate in the shootout, call 1.800.562.7429 for pricing and information. The Ignite Shootout package is the excuse you need to get in the seat for yourself and let your driving do the talking.


For more information on the Ignite Shootout structure and rules, please visit or call 1.800.562.7429.



Arrive & Drive Race Package - $1,295


  • Ignite K3 chassis
  • Briggs LO206 engine package
  • Bridgestone YDS tire set
  • Racing fuel
  • Tent space
  • Catered lunch (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Shared chassis/engine mechanic
  • Equipment transport
  • Does not include RIGP entry



  • Ignite Junior - Ages 12-15
  • Ignite Senior - Ages 15 and up
  • Ignite Masters - Ages 35 and up
  • Current Ignite kart owners are allowed
  • Past Rock Island winners are eligible (NEW FOR 2018)
  • No additional tire sets allowed
  • Must run provided wheels/tires
  • Must run provided engine




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