M10 Bearing Cassette Bolt (for 3 bolt cassette)

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M10 Bearing Cassette Bolt (for 3 bolt cassette)

Bearing cassette mount bolts are a M10 x 1.5, pan head bolt. No conical or flat washers are needed. Comes in a bright blue zinc finish.

SKU 041235
Weight 0.50 lbs
Our price: $3.82
#35 Chain Breaker
1 3/8" Axle
1 1/4"  Axle
#35 Chain Breaker 1 3/8" Axle 1 1/4" Axle
#219 Chain Breaker
(NEW) Margay Factory Team Shirt
1 1/4" Adjustable Bearing Cassette
#219 Chain Breaker (NEW) Margay Factory Team Shirt What is better for anxiety lexapro or xanax
(NEW) 2021 Margay Racing Team Suit
1 1/4" Bearing Cassette
#219 Sprockets
(NEW) 2021 Margay Racing Team Suit 1 1/4" Bearing Cassette #219 Sprockets