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MIR Kart Gloves - Race S
SKU: 0996001
New karting glove with an aggressive and attractive design, made with advanced and durable materials.
Racing glove that maintains high performance without sacrificing the unique combination of safety and comfort.
Ultra-light, because the customization it was made with sublimation prints.

Our price: $49.00
List price: $59.00 save 17%

MIR Rib Protector - Pro-Tor EIP
SKU: 0996901
MIR presents the new Pro-Tor Eip (Extreme Impact Protection) a brand new rib protection vest that does not derive from previous production. In fact, its main feature is softness, which improves the driverís comfort in movement. Despite improved softness, it does not limit shock absorption: in fact, the new rib protector is made of Poron XRD padding, a "soft" material with exceptional shock-absorption capacity. It is also used for bullet-proof vests. The rib protector reduces and distributes 90% of the energy from shocks and impacts without reducing the feeling with the kart but reducing vibrations.

Our price: $129.00
List price: $159.00 save 19%

MIR Helmet Bag
SKU: 099697
The bag is made of heavy-duty nylon, it comes in black or grey with the "M" Mir logo on the side; there is enough room to position both the helmet and neck protector. In short, a bag for everything you need when going to a race, from the neck up!

Our price: $59.00
List price: $79.00 save 25%
MIR Kart Cover
SKU: 099810
MIR Italy presents their high quality and waterproof kart cover to keep your kart safe from all liquid and debris at the track and in transport.

Our price: $79.00
List price: $99.00 save 20%
Margay Racing Team Suit
SKU: 099702
The new Margay Racing team suit is manufactured by MIR Race Ware. This 'Level 2' homologated suit offers a lightweight lining that helps produce a comfortable fit, and a ventilated interior. There are mesh ventilation opening to help ensure that the driver stays cool and collected. Support the new Margay logo and brands with this new MIR suit today!

Our price: $359.00

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