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Updated October 07, 2014


All used kart prices slashed for a limited time only...take advantage of these deals while they last!

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Shipping anywhere in the continental United States for only $149 per kart to your nearest freight terminal.



We currently have several other karts that are not listed below. If you do not see something you meets your needs from the provided list, feel free to contact us and we'll check our inventory to find the kart that is right for you.


Our used karts are factory reconditioned and ready to hit the track. We're happy to install your choice of engine package on any rolling chassis listed below.  Seats, wheels & tires and bodywork can also be changed to meet your specific requirements.

Click on the links or images below for more information on each kart.




2014 Brava 4.11 Limo

With only 60 laps of life down, this chassis has already seen a fast time award at the 2014 Rock Island Grand Prix in the hands of eKartingNews pilot Rob Howden. The kart comes with a 50mm rear axle and handles like a dream. Don't want to take the financial hit of a new kart? This kart is like new at a fraction of the usual retail price. It won't last long!


This chassis is best for a jr or sr driver

2013 Brava 4.2x Limo

The Brava 4.2x chassis is a low miles package that is ready to get into the winners circle in 2015. It comes with the 40mm rear axle, heat-treated 17mm spindles, new bodywork and decal kit and new rear bumper. This would be perfect for an adult or junior 4-cycle driver.


This chassis is best for a jr or sr driver

2014 Brava 1.13ck Limo

With multiple WKA and USPKS national race wins under its belt, this 1.13ck Limo is familiar with the winners circle. With the Sniper SA1 caster/camber system and billet fairing mount/toe lock, adjusting your front end settings will be easier than ever.


This chassis is best for a jr or sr driver

2014 Brava 1.13 Limo

The 2014 Brava 1.13 only has 50 laps on it! This kart comes with all the deluxe pieces: the Sniper SA1 caster/camber system, the billet toe lock/fairing mount, 25mm spindles and 50mm rear axle. This package would be perfect for a TaG senior driver looking to save some bucks but still wants something like new!


This chassis is best for a jr or sr driver

2014 Striker X2

Among the popular kids in our chassis line up, this Striker X2 chassis has seen very little track time. It comes with all the right pieces: the billet toe lock, caster/camber block system for on scale adjustments, adjustable rear ride height and lead and adjustable seat mounting bar.


This chassis is best for a jr or sr oval driver

2013 Brava R1 Rookie

This Brava Rookie chassis has less than 100 laps on it. This package can be set up to run 2 and 4-cycle applications for any 8-12 year old driver. This kart has a 40" wheelbase and would be the perfect size for a driver around 45" - 55".

$2,395 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a jr sportsman driver

Striker Proto Offset

Awesome deal on an early version of our successful Striker offset kart. These unique caster/camber blocks allow for easy, ON SCALE adjustments that doesn't require the removal and re-install of washers to get dialed in.


wheels & tires sold separately

This chassis is best for a oval track driver

Used LT Offset kart

2014 Brava 1.13 Shifter w/ Swedetech K9C engine

This is a brand new Brava 1.13 shifter chassis that is ready to hit the track. It comes complete with new YLB 4.5/7.1 tires, DWT M-Series magnesium wheels, MyChron 4 2T, KG BDE bodywork set and Margay factory team decal kit. It also comes with a used Swedetech K9C powder plant and new Champion aluminum radiator.



This chassis is best for a senior shifter driver

2013 Brava C1 Cadet

This 2013 Brava C1 cadet chassis is less than a year old, and had been well taken care of. It comes with brand new bodywork and the new 2014 Margay factory decal kit. It is perfect for any 8-12 year old 2 or 4-cycle driver.

$2,395 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a jr portsman 4-cycle driver

2013 Brava 4.2x w/ Duro Clone Engine Package

This is a low miles chassis with a low miles engine, ready to hit the track and win races. This package, similar to our 4.2c would be perfect for a junior clone racer, and would be the complete package needed to get in the winner circle for 2014.

$2,795 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a jr or sr 4-cycle driver

2013 Striker X1

This is the first Striker X1 we have offered on our online used kart section, and we don't expect it to last very long! Known for its unique washerless, on scale caster/camber adjustment system, this package has more than enough adjustment to get you dialed in and up front.

$1,995 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a jr or sr 4-cycle oval driver

Race Winner...Jacksonville Grand Prix

2013 Brava 4.2c w/ Duro Clone Engine Package

This Brava 4.2c has limited time and is ready to race. This packages comes with a complete, lightly used Dura Clone engine package that has been race prepped by Laukaitis Racing in Springfield, IL. This is an awesome piece at an awesome price.

$2,895 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a jr or sr 4-cycle driver

Brava Cadet

This Brava Cadet is a proven winner on a national level scale and has a WKA Grand National eagle to its credit. The chassis can accept both in-board 4-cycle applications and out-board 2-cycle applications. Includes Tillett seat,Noonan pedal riser and KG 'Tris' full width rear bumper!

$1,895 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a jr sportsman driver

2013 Brava 1.13ck

This 2013 Brava 1.13ck has only one race weekend on it and  is loaded with all options. The Sniper SA1 caster/camber adjusters make tuning the front end easier and more effective than ever. 25mm spindles, 50mm rear axle DWT wheels, KG Tris full width rear bumper and Bridgestone tires are included.

$2,695 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a jr or sr 2-cycle driver

2012 Brava 1.11ck

This 1.11ck is a 2012 team kart with only 3 races on it. It is currently set up as a junior chassis, but would work perfect for a senior yamaha or pipe as well.

$2,595 / SOLD

This chassis is best for a yamaha jr. or sr. driver.

2012 Brava 1.11ck w/ PRD Engine Package

This is a Brava 1.11ck TaG ready package equipped with a PRD Fireball engine package. This chassis and engine only have 4 races on it! This package would be perfect for a new TaG Senior or Junior driver.

$3,495 / SOLD

This chassis is best for a TaG jr. or sr. driver.

2012 Brava 1.11ck

2012 team kart run out of the factory for 5 race weekends. It is a small tube chassis (1 1/8") that is perfect for Yamaha Senior or Junior applications.


This chassis is best for a yamaha jr. or sr. driver.

Brava 1.11 TaG Limo

Fully TiG welded chassis, unpainted…ready to win in TaG. Sniper caster/camber adjusters installed with Margay’s bullet-proof 25mm hololite spindles. Always prepped and maintained at our factory.

$2,595 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a taller senior TAG driver.

Brava Dual TaG Chassis

Bored with the everyday speed of a standard TaG kart? Well this Brava Dual TaG chassis is bad to the bone certified and ready to give you the ride of your life. With this crazy ride, make sure you wear a neck collar, because whiplash is inevitable.

$2,495 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a speed junkie.

Brava 1.11ck

Need a kart that is already a proven winner on the track, but don't want to empty your wallet? Then this 2011 Brava 1.11ck is exactly what you need! This kart is designed to work best with any Yamaha can or pipe package, and comes with all of the latest adjustment tools to really dial in your set-up. This is the boss's personal kart and is loaded with all options. Two-Time Route 66 winner with Pistol Pete Vetter behind the wheel.

$2,895 / SOLD!

This chassis is best for a senior can/pipe driver.

Brava 1.6 Limo Conversion

This 1.6 limo chassis has been converted for use with a clone engine is ready to hit the track.  Complete with a new Dura clone engine.

$2,995 / SOLD!

This chassis is best suited for drivers over 5' 10" tall.

SOLD.  We have several other standard and 'Limo' clone packages available from $1,995. Please contact us here for more information on these karts.

Race safe - always wear an approved helmet, helmet support, suit & gloves.

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